What’s in a name?

Founded by Senna Graulus and Cedric Beyens, DISTINCT stands for simplicity with a touch of bold. Standing out from the crowd through remarkable details. By being consistent throughout our product catalog, we create a familiar but distinctive signature.

\ di-’stiŋ(k)t

Adjective: If an idea, thought, or intention is distinct, it is clear and definite. Synonyms: well-defined; unconfused

Stand the Test of Time

With DISTINCT, we focus on creating timeless designs. The use of qualitative materials and a form language that is not submissive to trends, ensures products that can last a lifetime.

We want our products to stay with you for as long as possible. Parts that do wear out after time, can be reordered in our webshop.

We value Craftsmanship.

We work with highly skilled makers who share our passion for precision and quality. On top of that, a smallscale production allows us to have great control over the quality of our products and to distance ourselves from the destructive mass manufacturing industry. We always produce small series in order to avoid over-production. The factory is located in the heart of La Chaux-de-fonds in Switzerland, the city known for its watchmaking history and industry.